Zhang Yue, born in Changsha in 1960, graduated from college in 1980 with a degree in fine arts. After working as a teacher and a librarian for several years, he founded Broad in 1988. He is currently the Chairman of Broad Air Conditioning.

Since childhood, Zhang Yue has been keenly interested in art and literature, and after founding Broad, he poured his innate passion for creative work into his company. One after the other he has obtained over 100 patents for his inventions: in 1989 the Non-Pressurized Boiler, in 1992 the Direct Fire Chiller (non-electric air conditioning), in 1999 the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) System, in 2005 the Electrostatic Dust Cleaning Indoor Air Conditioning Unit, and in 2009 the Factory Built Sustainable Building. Each of his inventions has transformed its respective industry, making Broad a technology leader in many fields. Zhang Yue is the Vice Chair of the United Nations Environment Programme’s Sustainable Buildings & Climate Initiative (SBCI). After many years of painstaking research on energy efficient building technologies, in 2009 he drafted for UNEP the Building Energy Efficiency Guidelines, which proposed a set of measurable, reportable and verifiable indicators and measurements for a building energy efficiency standard.

Facing the issue of global warming, Zhang Yue’s dream is that his non-electric air conditioning can replace its electric counterpart, as non electric air conditioning is more than twice as energy efficient as electric air conditioning. But his greater dream is that through implementing his Building Energy Efficiency Guidelines, he can substantially increase the energy efficiency level of buildings themselves, because buildings hold 80% of the world’s energy saving potential. He knows that improving the energy efficiency of buildings will affect his air conditioning business, but Zhang Yue believes that the future of the planet is always more important than that of his business.