“When I hear people talk about work-life balance, I know it is time for change.  Work is a key part of our lives and businesses should be a place where people find personal fulfillment and value. Business leaders need to create work environments that enable people to love, thrive and give back, and to do this collectively.  The businesses that succeed in creating these workplaces will be the most successful as they attract the best people, business partners and customers.”

Mike Mulcahy is President, Chief Operating Officer and Director with Bridgeway Capital Management, Inc, a registered investment adviser based in Houston, Texas with about $5 billion in assets under management. He is also a member of the Board of Directors and President of Bridgeway Funds, Inc. Prior to Bridgeway, he worked with McKinsey & Company, Enron and Compaq/HP in a variety of capacities. Mr. Mulcahy graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelors degree in Economics and minor in Chemistry from Texas A&M University, where he serves as guest lecturer and Finance Advisory Board member. He also holds a MBA from the Harvard Business School. He has been involved with numerous non-profits serving on the boards of Living Water International, National Christian Foundation Houston, Fort Bend Christian Academy, GeneysWorks–National, and Second Mile Mission Centre.