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The startup community is a powerful driver of disruptive innovation, creativity and change in the business world. New companies have the opportunity to manage their businesses in progressive and innovative ways from the start, rather than backwards engineering them when they become large and complex. When a new company embraces and integrates social and environmental purpose into its core business model from inception, it has the opportunity to vastly improve its ability to address long-standing global challenges. Companies who do this will realise significant benefits for their investors, shareholders and customers.

We call this being “Born B”.

We want to grow a movement of entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world building companies that are “Born B”.

If you are interested in joining us, get started:

As a first step on the path to becoming Born B we are encouraging companies to measure their current social and environmental impact and then develop goals which embed positive progress throughout their operations and value chains. You will also be able to gauge your own company’s progress versus other companies in your sector or at your stage of growth.

These goals may be aligned with those associated with larger companies – such as reaching net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions by 2050. Others might be specifically tailored and developed as companies work towards rigorous standards included in B Corp certification or incorporating fully as a benefit corporation.

We are also encouraging business leaders to consider what their company’s philanthropic model might be, along-side their business model. We are partnering with the Pledge 1% movement where companies can sign up to Pledge 1% of their personal equity, company equity, employee time, product and/or profit to support communities.

In 2016, we will continue to work to grow and support this community of Born B companies through events, online resources and our partnership with B Corp. We will also engage with the venture capital and legal community to help level the playing field for entrepreneurs who want to have positive profitable business success and significant social impact, and encourage the flow of investment capital into their ventures.

We hope you will join us and tell others. You can get in touch at

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